Reduce uncertainty. Inform decisions. Spend efficiently.

Reduce risk by prioritizing vulnerability
remediation using expected financial loss.

Vulnerability informs risk, financial impact explains it.

Managing vulnerability by financial impact has paramount value.

Illustration of a line and bar chart.

Visibility into
what matters most

Measure how configuration issues, errors, and missing patches
affect your bottom line.

Illustration of check marks representing completion.

Remediate vulnerability effectively & efficiently

Prioritize by financial impact
to reduce more exposure
with less work.

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Enable dialogue
with business leaders

Communicate technical progress
in the language boards and executives understand: risk.

See the bigger picture
with PerceptiveVM.

A vulnerability management platform
that prioritizes work by business impact.

  • Illustration of layers.

    Portfolio Management

    Organize assets into portfolios, establish valuations, and set risk tolerance levels.

  • Illustration of a clock in a box indicating compliance benchmarks.

    Simulate Losses

    Compare inherent risk with risk
    tolerance and estimate losses with Monte Carlo simulations.

  • Illustration of a shield being marked by a circle representing a vulnerability.

    Track Risk Reduction

    Track expected loss over time, remediation performance,
    and aging risk.

  • Illustration of layers.

    Document Risk Decisions

    Record the acceptance, transfer,
    or mitigation of risk. Document false positives and decision approvals
    on a rolling basis.

Simplify your vulnerability
management workflow.

Automate your VM workflow with scan data,
asset portfolio valuations, and exception management.

  1. Weakness data are retrieved from
    vulnerability scanning vendors.
  2. Weakness data are enriched with data
    retrieved from available vulnerability
    & exploit databases.
  3. Weaknesses are assessed in financial
    terms using Customer Portfolio Valuations.
  4. Weaknesses are then prioritized
    by expected financial loss.
  5. Accept, Transfer, Mitigate, or Remediate
    the risk. Connect with ticketing systems
    & provide actionable metrics.

Perceptive helps teams work better together.

Bridging cybersecurity and risk management has many rewards.

  • Risk Management

    • Financial figures encompass
      the value of the assets to the
      business and predict losses.
    • Vulnerability reduction
      is risk reduction.
  • Vulnerability Management

    • Improved remediation productivity lowers costs and reduces exposure.
    • Prioritization is both more
      accurate and more precise than competing products, enabling
      more efficient remediation.
  • Security Leadership

    • CISOs are provided better control
      over their budgets and can restore confidence within the board.
    • Security functions can measure
      and explain their value and return
      on investment to the board.
  • Insurance

    • Cybersecurity insurance brokers are given an internal measurement of security hygiene and can justify premiums for their carriers.
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Leverage real-time cyber risk information to make better decisions for creating and preserving value.

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